About us

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We are committed to excellence in all that we do. We are a non-aligned, independent, fee for service firm that is not linked with any bank, insurance , NBFCs or asset management companies/Mutual Fund houses . Our charges/fees are reasonable and we work for our clients without any conflicted relationships with product manufacturers or research houses.

Independent ownership means independent unbiased advice.

Whether we’re advising you on investments, tax planning, estate and succession planning, insurance, and many other things, we have only your benefits in mind. We’re under no pressure from any parent company to recommend specific products. This places us in a unique position to deliver you totally unbiased and professional advice.

Our approach: Listen, think and then act.

Our truly personal approach is based on building long-term relationships. We get to know you, your situation and your goals. We then recommend the right mix of services for you, and stay with you for the long haul.

All the expertise in the world would mean nothing if we weren’t able to tailor our advice to your specific needs. That’s why our approach is built around relationships. Before we make any recommendations, we find out about the risks that worry you; about the opportunities that excite you; about where you want to be in ten, twenty, thirty years’ time, about what you want to do for yourself, for your family or may be for society, for needy or anything else you might want to do.

Once we have a sense of your situation, your tolerance for risk, and your wealth and lifestyle goals, we start working on a personalised financial strategy. Because we offer a complete range of financial services, that strategy might include help with investments, insurance, property, loans, etc. And we’ll be here for as long as you need us.

Why choose Amigos Finserv?

Personalized and premium service: Our priority is to offer you the most appropriate and bespoke advice tailored to your specific requirements.

A broad range of solutions for all your financial needs: We specialize in all areas of financial advice and management in order to help you in all stages of your life. We offer flexible service options for individual needs. As your needs change so can our service to you.

Expertise: Our advice and associated technical expertise can help you with your investments, taxation, estate and succession planning, trust and philanthropic needs, Legal affairs, etc. However complex your financial situation, our experts will be able to provide an appropriate solution to meet your needs. The professionals you deal with at Amigos Finserv are highly experienced, skilled and act in your best interests.

Peace of mind: As a professional firm, we have a fiduciary responsibility to provide our clients with the highest duty of care to safeguard their interests. This gives you peace of mind that your financial affairs will be taken care of in full trust and confidentiality.

Financial advice: We provide strategic advice to help our clients achieve their financial goals. Our dedicated personal service draws on our experience as a true friend to help guide you at all the stages of your life.

Our personal financial advice can include strategic planning, investment strategy, retirement income, Education and marriage planning for children, estate and succession planning, tax planning, risk management and insurance planning that may include life, disability, health and property insurance, etc.

Amigos Finserv is headed by Mr. Atul Mishra who has over a decade of rich experience in the financial services industry. He is a graduate and holds DBM from NMIMS, Mumbai and an Advance Diploma in Business Management from ICFAI University.

He is also registered with the the regulator Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as Investment Adviser under certificate of registration no. INA000004245

He also holds the following professional qualifications/ certifications:

  • Investment Advice Diploma (PCA) –  Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, UK
  • Private Client Advice – QCF Level 5 – Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, UK
  • Investment, Risk and Taxation – QCF Level 4 – Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, UK
  • UK Regulation & Professional Integrity – QCF Level 4 – Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, UK
  • Award in Financial Planning  – Chartered Insurance Institute, UK.
  • CFPCM – Certified Financial Planner – Financial Planning Standards Board, India.
  • CWM –  Chartered Wealth Manager  – American Academy of Financial Management, USA.
  • MFP –  Master Financial Professional – American Academy of Financial Management, USA.
  • Also certified by AMFI and NCFM.

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